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Gellert Spa Danube River Sights in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of baths, we can find more historical baths around the city and on the Danube riverside as well. The beautiful Art Nouveau Gellert Spa is located at the foot of Gellert Hill on the Buda side of Budapest, just opposite Liberty Bridge.  Gellert Spa Baths is a must-see riverside attraction of Budapest.

Gellert Hill has more natural thermal springs, the hot thermal waters were used for healing since the 15th century. Nowadays 2 popular baths are using the water sources of Gellert Hill, Gellert Baths and the medieval cored Rudas Baths in the neighbourhood.

History of Gellert Spa

The hot spring water in the area was used for healing since the middle ages. During the Ottoman ruling in Hungary (1541 to 1699) several bathing sites were constructed, the ancestor of Gellert Spa was called ‘magical healing spring’, ‘Acsik ilidzse’ by the Turks. After the Turks have left,  the bath was still in use by Hungarians, locals called it ‘Sarosfurdo’ – Muddy Baths- because of the dark mineral mud in the bottom of the pools.

The simple building has been demolished and the city of Budapest has decided to build a hotel and bath house on the site. The construction began in 1912 and it was finished in 1918 with the help of some Russian prisoners of war. The current bath completed was expanded during the years with a bubble bath and wave pool around 1930.

Gellert Baths were originally separated for ladies and men, since 2013, all pools are mixed although it still has two different sections.

The thermal water of Gellert Spa contains various minerals such as calcium, hydrogen-carbonate, magnesium, sulphate-chloride, and also sodium and with a significant content of fluoride ions. The medical indications of the hot spring water includes spine problems, chronic and sub-acute joint inflammations, neuralgia, degenerative joint illnesses, inhalation problems like bronchitis or asthma.

Gellert Spa Bath complex offers various saunas, pools, massages and medical treatments every day of the year.

The main entrance hall of the charming and elegant Art-Nouveau building can be visited for free. We recommend buying Fast Track entry tickets and enjoy a pampering day in the pools of the almost hundred-year-old Gellert Spa Bath.







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