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Budapest Danube

Danube River & Sights Guide in Budapest

Budapest Danube
Budapest Danube Attractions

Hungarian Parliament Danube River Sights in Budapest

No Budapest visit can be complete without admiring the majestic Hungarian Parliament building on the riverbank of the Danube. The Hungarian Parliament is part of the UNESCO World Heritage sights, along with most of the Riverside Attractions of Budapest.

Hungarian Parliament

The Parliament building is one of the landmarks of Hungary, the neo-Gothic style building is housing the Hungarian Assembly and the Hungarian Crown Jewels. Since the Parliament building cannot be visited without a guide, it is recommended to book a guided tour at the Parliament or join a tour upon arrival (subject to availability).

After the union of Buda, Obuda and Pest a new Parliament was needed and an international competition was held. The construction was started in 1885 according to the winner, Imre Steindl’s plans. The grandiose building was finished by 1902. Two other buildings have emerged as competitors, today’s Ethnographic Museum and the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. Unfortunately, its architect went blind before he could see his creation in reality.

The Hungarian Parliament is the largest building in Hungary and the third largest parliament in the whole world. A River Cruise on the Danube offers a perfect opportunity to admire the majestic building and learn its history during a guided sightseeing boat tour.

The Hungarian Parliament Building can be seen on the Pest side of the Danube between Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Margaret Bridge. 

The iconic building can not be missed, it is well visible from Buda Castle or during a leisure Cruise on the Danube.

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