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Budapest Danube

Danube River & Sights Guide in Budapest

Budapest Danube
Budapest Danube Attractions

Margaret Island Danube River Sights in Budapest

Budapest has a tiny island between Buda and Pest, the peaceful and historically rich Margaret Island can be visited with a Danube River Cruise or through Margaret Bridge. Margaret Island is a popular leisure destination and a beloved Riverside Attraction of Budapest.

Margaret Island

The name of the island came from Princess Margaret who spent her life and died at 27 at the Margaret Monastery on the island. The island was called the Island of the Rabbits in the 1200s, there are ruins from castles and monasteries and churches. At the time when princess Margaret was born, Hungary was ruled by the Mongols and the royal child was born in the Fortress of Klis (Croatia). The king, Bela IV offered his daughter to God in order to set Hungary free. The three-year-old Margaret was entrusted to a Dominican monastery and six years later she has arrived at the Island of the Rabbits. She lived a simple nun life and worked hard, she rejected her marriage offers (by Czech King of Ottokar and the Polish King). According to the legends, she had prophetic and fortune-telling veins and she became a helper of his father. King Bela IV. After Margaret’s death, her body smelled like roses and remained like she was sleeping. She was canonised in 1943.

Do not miss to visit Margaret Island, the recreational green heaven in Budapest, try the rubber running track, visit Palatinus Baths, or the Premonstratensian church, enjoy the peaceful Japanese Garden or look for more attractions on Margaret Island.


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