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Budapest Danube

Danube River & Sights Guide in Budapest

Budapest Danube
Budapest Danube Attractions

Hungarian Academy Danube River Sights in Budapest

The Danube is the vein of Budapest, the riverside is rich in historical buildings and popular landmarks such as the Hungarian Parliament Building, Gresham’s Palace, Buda Castle Hill or the Hungarian Academy building. Get to know all the Riverside Attractions of Budapest during a fun guided river cruise on the Danube.

Hungarian Academy

The Hungarian Academy (Hungarian Academy of Sciences ) is the most prestigious learned society of the country. The Hungarian Academy’s history goes back to the “Greatest Hungarian” Count Szechenyi. In 1825, he offered his yearly incomes to estate society to propagate the Hungarian Language, sciences and arts. His act was so welcomed, that more patriots joined him, such as Abraham Vay, Count Gyorgy Andrassy, Count Gyorgy Karolyi, Jozsef Teleki who offered a library of 30.000 books which became the base of the Academy’s library.

The Hungarian Academy’s Renaissance Revival style building became a characteristic element of the cityscape, it was bigger than the surrounding classicist buildings of the Reform Age. The construction was finished in 1865 as one of the first historicising examples of the neo-Renaissance style.

In the nearby docks, there are several scheduled cruises such as the Cocktail cruise, the Craft Beer cruise, or the Lunch cruise.

The building is located near the Chain Bridge in the heart of Budapest (close to Gresham’s Palace).


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