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Budapest Danube

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Budapest Danube
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Vigado Concert Hall Danube River Sights in Budapest

The Vigado Concert Hall is located in the heart of Budapest between Szechenyi Chain Bridge and Elisabeth Bridge on the riverbank of the Danube.

The historical Vigado building is the second largest concert hall of Budapest and it houses various arts and works as a home stage of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble. since 1951.

History of Vigado Concert Hall

Vigado Concert Hall was built at the place of the former classicist Redoute building which was demolished by the Austrians in 1849 after the Hungarian Revolution (in 1848). The Redoute was the only concert hall in Hungary which hosted concerts of Ferenc Erkel, Ferenc Liszt, or Johann Strauss and it became an important venue of the preparation of the revolution as well. During the Revolution in spring of 1848, the Austrian general Hentzi shot and blow the symbolic building until it has collapsed.

The new Romanesque, Byzantine and Moorish style Vigado building was designed by Frigyes Feszl in 1859 and it was opened in 1865. Vigado soon became one of the most important cultural institutions of Budapest again, hosted various events and balls again.

During World War II, the building was badly damaged, the post-war reconstruction took 36 years to complete, the wonderfully detailed and breathtaking concert hall continues to attract leading conductors and performers from around the globe.

Vigado Concert Hall is definitely one of the most beautiful landmarks of the riverside attractions of Budapest and it is a must-visit place for everyone. We recommend the guided river cruises on the Danube to explore the area.


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